Me, I had quite a surprise on November 24th, when someone called Carla put in a request:  Can you sew one for me? she whispered in these pages. This wasn’t something I expected, not at all, and it quite fluttered my heart some. A mysterious someone giving me a wave. To tell the truth, some part of me, it wanted to to peg it, run, close down this blog maybe, vanish without a trace BUT I excorcised my silly wont, remembering the cookie that I am, which is tough—you get me?—and stayed put, drawing on my metal and my making. I didn’t get to reply to Carla in person, but I thought about her plenty, albeit in some abstracted unknowing way. I thought about what I should do. And how I could respond. And I put my busy paws to action, sewing this, a lily to light her peepers. Carla, where ever, whoever you are, this one’s for you.