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Me, I had quite a surprise on November 24th, when someone called Carla put in a request:  Can you sew one for me? she whispered in these pages. This wasn’t something I expected, not at all, and it quite fluttered my heart some. A mysterious someone giving me a wave. To tell the truth, some part of me, it wanted to to peg it, run, close down this blog maybe, vanish without a trace BUT I excorcised my silly wont, remembering the cookie that I am, which is tough—you get me?—and stayed put, drawing on my metal and my making. I didn’t get to reply to Carla in person, but I thought about her plenty, albeit in some abstracted unknowing way. I thought about what I should do. And how I could respond. And I put my busy paws to action, sewing this, a lily to light her peepers. Carla, where ever, whoever you are, this one’s for you.

These dear little knicks, I came upon in an army and navy store. Such places I like to frequent because, me, I’m always on the look-out for ’70’s American armed forces sport wear, in particular the grey marl sweats. Truth is—while truth is told—my Poppa was in the American air force, stationed in Suffolk, England. Me, I am not ashamed to say that I affiliate myself to a military life—that is, the discipline, rigour and fitness. Don’t get me wrong, violence is not my kick, no way. I aspire to my Poppa’s memory and I like to run in gear of his ilk and oeuvre.

They are old, these camis, for sure. Yet virgin: unworn, unmarked.  The spoils of war, me recks. I washed them to get out all the fusty storage smell. Stylish petite shorts, they are of a thick jersey cotton, with an open seam at the front. Unisex? I defy any man to fit into them. I guess they would fit a young boy at most. Makes you wonder at the youth they used to send out to the war. Birthing the term ‘Infantry’.

But who likes to think about that? Lost souls, lost loves, men passed and gone. Too soon. Me, I’m getting the willies and I don’t like it, not at all. Force a smile, A.C. (that’s me). A Mona Lisa smile.